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More Americans die of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (20,294) every year than all murders combined (16,259), including murders by guns (11,078). More than twice, in fact, 2.3 times as many Americans die by merely falling down (26,009) than by murder by gun (11,078).

Executives of CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo, HuffPo, USA Today, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times pick and choose the juiciest murder stories from among the 30 gun murders that happen each day in America to sensationalize in their unquenchable thirst for profit. The more eyeballs they have glued to their TV news shows and their web pages, the higher the rates they can charge advertisers.

These execs want to scare you. They know if they scare you, you will watch.

Pint-sized executives of your local news media copy these heavy-weights, using the same scare tactics by reporting every gun murder that happens around where you live.

But did you know these same titillating execs could choose from among 6,763 deaths that happen every day? However, who would watch news about a stranger's grandmother dying in her sleep, peacefully, from heart failure after having lived 90 years?

Almost every of the 780,213 deaths caused by cardiovascular disease not including heart attack and heart failure, almost every of the 574,743 deaths caused by cancer, almost every of the 187,336 deaths caused by respiratory diseases, almost every of the 122,071 deaths caused by sudden heart attack, and almost every of the 105,526 deaths caused by Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases never get reported on your local six o'clock news.

There were 54 times as many cardiovascular disease deaths as there were gun murders, 52 times as many cancer deaths, 17 times as many respiratory disease deaths, 11 times as many sudden heart attack deaths, and 10 times as many deaths from Parkinson's and Alzheimer's combined. There were a whopping 188 times as many deaths from diseases of all kinds than there were gun murders.

According to the CDC, based on 2010 data, more people die from alcoholic liver disease (15,990) than from homicide by guns (11,078). For every gun murder almost as many die from a Colstridium difficule (C Diff) infection in a hospital (1 : 0.8)!

Of total gun deaths in 2010, 19,392 were suicides by gun. Suicides by gun are 63.4% of all gun deaths! Most who commit suicide by gun are old white males. For all suicides by any method, there are three times as many suicides as there are gun homicides.

Homicides by guns account for 0.0035056962% of the whole population and a measly 0.44% of all deaths! If you can't read numbers, that first number rounds to four-thousands of one percent and the next number is forty-four hundredths of one percent.

One percent of a dollar is a penny! These numbers are akin to shaving off an edge from a penny. Think about it.

These numbers are so small relative to total deaths and total population as to be rounding errors. Death by homicide by gun is statistically insignificant in the face of all deaths.

The real killers are heart disease and cancer, which together account for more than half of all deaths (54.9%).

How about perspective? Looking at the table, there were 10 gun murders for every 278,702 in the USA in 2010.

And how does the above compare to heart attacks and heart failure?

There were 100 deadly heart attacks for every 252,923 in the USA in 2010. There were 50 heart failure deaths for every 267,280 Americans.

And how do gun murders compare to accidents?

There were 25 deadly car and truck accidents for every 218,460. There were 25 deadly falls for every 296,768. 

And how do gun murders compare to suicides?

There were 25 suicides for every 201,195. 

Now what about a true killer like cancer? 

For every 537 Americans, one died of cancer in 2010. 500 Americans died of cancer for every 268,594 living in 2010.

Maybe that one in one-hundred thousand is a bit abstract for you. Let's see how the death counts stack up against actual cities.

So for every 8.4 million Americans, or roughly one New York City, there were 302 gun murders in 2010. The actual murder count for 
New York City in 2010 stood at 532. So New York City was 20% more dangerous than elsewhere in America, on average, in comparison.

Now how does the above compare to other ways to die?

Now how about that true killer, cancer — let's have a look.

So for every 8.4 million Americans, or roughly one New York City, while there were 302 murders in 2010, there were 15,648 deaths from the wicked killer cancer.

In the ideal, there shouldn't be murder. Then again, in the ideal, there shouldn't be birth defects nor cancer nor suicide. Sadly, twice as many children die near birth or soon thereafter or from genetic defects as those who fall victim to gun murder.

Sadder still, women had 765,651 legal abortions performed by politician-licensed abortion doctors in 2010. For every 1,000 live births, women had politically-sanctioned murder performed 228 times. In other words, for every four children born, one female decided to have her otherwise soon-to-be born child killed.

At 765,651 killed by abortion, by far, abortion was the leading cause of death in the USA in 2010, besting cardiovascular diseases not counting heart stoppage (600,385), cancers (574,743), heart stoppage (179,828), and all accidents (120,859).

There were 69 times as many abortion deaths as there were gun murders. Think about it. Women and their henchmen, abortion doctors, are America's most lethal killers.

To put it into perspective, for every 8.4 million Americans, or roughly one New York City, while there were 302 murders in 2010, and 15,648 deaths from the wicked killer cancer, there were 20,845 politically-sanctioned murders done at the behest of American females.

Children murdered by at the behest of Adolph Hitler and the NAZI German regime during World War Two stands at 1.1 million, an often claimed estimate. Workers for the Centers for Disease Control of the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States report that women hired politician-licensed abortion doctors to perform 42,537,798 contract killings since 1970. American women had 39 times more as-yet-to-live children killed than once-loving, children the NAZI Germans killed during the one of the world's most acknowledged evils, ever, the Holocaust. Said another way, American women have done the equivalent killing as 39 Holocausts against children since those at the CDC have collected data on abortion.

Since the start of the new millennium, politician-licensed abortion hit-men have killed 8,275,472 could-have-lived children at the behest of American females. In 14 years, American women held the equivalent of eight Holocausts against children.

If there is any bright spot in all of this death, American females and their penchant for murdering their would-be sons and daughters has fallen in the new millennium, -10.3%, falling at annual rate of -1.1%. 

There are far fewer would-be gun murderers. Murder by guns has dropped a healthy -13.4% since 2006, falling at annual rate of -2.8%, or better than twice the rate of annual fall for American females killing off their undesirable as-yet-to-be-born children.

Unless otherwise noted, all data derives from 2010. The Centers for Disease Control is the source of the data.

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