Thursday, September 4, 2014


However interesting it is to see the earth from far above, this short YouTube clip released by NASA is little more than propaganda to encourage sci-fi people (skiffies) to keep paying taxes and to keep pressuring congressmen to up the NASA budget.

It's all too convenient when the deficit-funded spaceman mentions the small USA cities of Lancaster and Palmdale in the high desert of Southern California above Los Angeles, specifically mentioning those are the cities where the no-longer-in-service NASA space shuttles were built. Of course, the NASA spaceman narrator has hinted that building shuttles means jobs.

NASA is not unique in this respect. Almost every government agency authorized by Congress engages in propaganda against Americans to encourage Americans to keep demanding government managed services.

Americans get encouraged to join de facto groups as well as formal pressure groups, which exist solely to lobby Congress for the incessant spending and expansion of budgets for whatever their pet desires might be.

That is the essence of corporatism. That is what corporatism means. Corporatism means living by organizing into groups on the basis of allied interests and seeking codified (legalized) status and privilege for being a member of that group. Most often organization arises around these: academic, agricultural, industrial, ethnic, labor and military.

Corporatist-indoctrinated Americans are so easily suckered by feel-good, apple pie, nationalistic propaganda. Most often, these kinds of Americans are the first to shout, "There ought to be a law" whenever their indoctrinated beliefs, which define their faux morals and irreality, get challenged by the living ways of others.

Americans will continue to live under the yoke of Congress and all of the lesser, petty legislative houses of their states and counties and cities as long as such entities can use taxes and borrowing to pay for propaganda to gain for support by factional Americans.

Likely, most Americans never have heard of James Madison, the fourth President of the United States. Historians consider Madison as the "father of the Constitution" as well as one of the anonymous writers of the Federalist Papers, the newspaper essays written to convince Americans to support the passage of the second constitution of the United States of America.

Madison wrote the tenth essay, today known as Federalist 10. In the essay, Madison warned against special interest groups who would pursue the group interest over the general welfare of all Americans and the individual rights as well as each one's indivbidual liberty.

If you don't know the difference between right and liberty, the latter also said freedom, then read LAW VS JUSTICE. GOVERNMENT VS SOCIETY. POLITICS VS YOU.

Here is the text of Federalist 10. If you only ever read one Federalist Papers' essay, this is the one to read.

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