Saturday, October 25, 2014


Soda jerk billionaire Michael Bloomberg has pitched $200,000 to support advertising for a moronic ballot measure to be voted upon this November by residents of the City of San Francisco. Inveterate meddler Bloomberg wants residents to pay a 33.8¢ tax for each liter of soda because the idiot believes doing so shall dissuade parents of fatty kids from buying soda.

Why should everyone else who enjoys a soda now and then be held responsible for the irresponsibility of idiot parents?

Parents ought to be taxed directly for contributing to the fatness of their kids. Rather than a penny for each ounce of soda, how about taxing parents quarterly $10 a pound for every pound their kids weigh over a healthy weight?

Physical development scientists use the Body Mass Index (BMI), a calculation based on height to produce a normal weight range. It would be quite easy for parents to bring their kiddos to a weigh station every three months. Weigh stations could be put in every public school.

Using a BMI tax scheme, for a 4'2" child weighing 130 pounds, thus having a 36.6 BMI, parents would be forced to pay $415 every three months. That tallies to $1,660 a year.

That kind of outlay would smarten up parents quickly no doubt. In short order, Americans would have the fittest kids on earth.

Here is a big gulp of reality. Fatty kids come from irresponsible parents. Soda is not to blame.

Soda isn't alive. Blaming soda is like blaming a drug pusher for a druggy's willful heroin addiction or blaming a knife or a gun for a murderer's willful act of killing someone.

These days, a good number of American mommies and daddies rely upon the productive to pay for their food bills. Politicians give these mommies and daddies EBT cards. No one should expect mommies and daddies who buy soda for their fatty kids with EBT cards to care a whit about paying a tad higher price since everything is free to them already.

It shocks that someone can be as stupid as Bloomberg is at times and yet the guy has a net worth of $34 billion, making him the 16th richest man of the world. According to the Social Security Administration's life expectancy calculator, responsible, freedom-loving Americans must suffer with Bloomberg for at least 13.5 more long years of soda jerk meddling.

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