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Below are excerpts taken from Partisan Politics, The Evil and the Remedy: An Analysis of the Great Political Parties of the Country — Their Morals and Methods — As the Supreme Power in the Republic by James Sayles Brown, first published in 1897.

The long deceased Mr. Brown saved me hours of writing and editing as his expressed thoughts are alike to what I would have written. I encourage all of you to read through the excerpts. Set aside time if need be and come back to this share.

I have read thousands of books, many published since 2000 and many published between the years 1870 and 1920. I have read many hundreds of academic papers published by Ph.D. academicians. I have read countless blog entries and I have seen countless news-oriented TV broadcasts in all of my days.

I assert with much confidence that men were much smarter between the years 1870 and 1920. Sure, those working with the life sciences and material sciences know much more today than those of the past, yet much of their current findings arose from a thick bedrock laid by men of the past. About the only ones who can lay claim to being much smarter today are engineers.

Mr. Brown's work is clear, easy-to-read and to the point. I have written commentary at the end of Mr. Brown's work.

Mr. Brown's work is yet another of the many gems I have unearthed that reveal it is the same as it ever was. I've done all the heavy digging for you. Enjoy this gem.



The great evil the haunts Americans are politicians. The worst expression of that evil is the U.S. Congress.

Until Americans awaken and hobble Congress, nothing shall change. American life fifty years from now will be as it was in the time of Mr. Brown, 1879, unless Americans rise up against Congress.

Many have called for term limits or balanced budget amendments. These proposal will fail to do much of anything.

Instead, there is one change to right it all, which would fix Americans on the right path. And that change needs to be enshrined into the Constitution by amendment.

So what is the one change? No individual and no incorporated entity should be required to pay more than 12% of their incomes via taxation of any kind, including all kinds of fees, to all levels of government combined.

Included in that amendment must be the requirement that to repeal the amendment, first another amendment must get passed that decrees once five years have passed, upon the passage of another amendment, the first amendment shall be repealed.

Under my proposal, politicians would be locked into battles against each other. All legislation would become legislation that deals with the most pressing matters. Few would seek careers in politics. It would be exceedingly hard to rig laws to support industries.

Frivolous borrowing would come to an end as politicians of Congress and of the various states would be hard pressed to pay for both current needs and interest on past borrowing.

Every other proposal you have ever read, likely ever thought or will ever read or think will fail to do anything about the fundamental design of the Congress, the U.S. as a whole and the states, subsequent to design changes borne by the 17th Amendment and the freezing of the membership of the House to a permanent 435, both of which wrecked Congress; as well as 16th Amendment, the enactment of the Income Tax without apportionment.

Also, the framers had gotten it so wrong with the Supreme Court. There should be one USSC justice for each state, selected by their respective states legislatures, for a term not exceeding ten years.

The 17th amendment never should have passed without stripping the Senate of the power to declare war. That should have been given to the states' legislatures with a requirement that 5/8ths of states' legislatures must vote to declare war before actual war could be fought.

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