Sunday, February 15, 2015


Americans don't get medical economics and they don't get politics. They don't even get the words right. Thus, all of their supposed prescriptions to reduce prices amount to folly.

The entire medicine industry and its key players of hospital execs, pharma execs, medical school execs, execs of the AMA and medical bills insurer execs have colluded to operate under protectionism and subsidy. And then they get Congress to be the primary source of their revenues as Congress pays $6.50 of every $10 spent on medicine and surgery.

Everyone who writes about prices of medicine without starting from the above as the problem reveals his foolishness. And such fools further compound the foolery when they conflate prices with costs.

A price is a rate of trade. Costs are outlays, sums paid. Prices and costs are two different things.

Health care does not mean medicine. Doctors practice medicine. NEVER DO DOCTORS PRACTICE HEALTH CARE, EVER.

Not in the history of mankind have doctors practiced health care. Doctors only can practice medicine, the same as surgeons can only practice surgery.

Health care means Congress pays the medical bills for those to whom they give rights by qualification to have their bills paid by which they impose duty upon themselves to pay those bills. The phrase "health care" was coined by a government bureaucrat for this exact purpose back in 1940.

Americans had been debating compulsory by law medical bills insurance all the way back to the late 1800s. That debate ebbed and flooded through the years up through 1940.

As always, winning debates consists in controlling thoughts and controlling thoughts means defining words and forcing enough to accept those words.

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