Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Donald Tusk, the European Commission president has served a big cup of Ellinikos Kafes to Greeks (video). While handing them their big mug of Greek coffee to sober up Greeks after years of swilling free-to-them ouzo, Tusk said, "...five days left...the final deadline ends this week."

It has been laughable to read when pitchfork populist bloggers have claimed the Greek Dumb and Dumber, Prime Minister Tsipras and Finance Minster Varoufakis had the upper hand. They never ever had it.

Their stupidest move was to hold that referendum. While ordinary Greeks were misled by Tsipras and Varoufakis to believe they were sending jingle mail to IMF, EFSM and the EU, in fact, they were voting for their own Grecocide.

An especially popular pitchfork populist blogger hailed the referendum as a genius move. He strengthened his silliness with a mantra he has gotten his neophyte readers to parrot — what can't be paid back, won't.

Right from the start, reality has been different — what must be paid back will be paid back. For Greek law givers to remain in the Euro, Greek law givers had to pay their debts.

The winning No-Vote has given the leaders of the Eurogroup the smokescreen they need to squeeze Greeks out of the Euro.

“Party time at the expense of others in Greece has come to an end. Europe and the euro area are surely unprepared to pay for the irresponsible behavior of the new Greek government...You can’t have one country enjoying a feast, overspending and having everyone else pay for it, including our citizens with much lower pensions and wages.” ~ Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite
 “We have a Grexit scenario prepared in detail.” ~ Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission President
It should have been clear that Greeks needed support from leaders of other small Euro zone economies, the ones who threw off the shackles of the old Soviet system. Yet, it should have been clearer they would never get that support since the peoples of those countries sucked it up for a long time to get themselves in order to be competitive members of the Euro zone and the EU.

Greek law givers caused their own crisis. And Greek law givers couldn't have done so without Greek voters election after election approving of their law givers. Years of borrowing and rolling over debt with new borrowing led Greek law givers beyond the tipping point.

Financially and mathematically, Greeks were in position to pay back enough of their cumulative debt to whittle that debt down to 110% of GDP over ten years. To do so Greek law givers were supposed to declare badly needed so-called structural reforms — cutting spending significantly and by doing, pushing down prices.

In exchange for generous help, Greek law givers had been asked to pay down a mere €6.36 billion a year of debt, which, each year would have been 1.9% of total debt owed and 2.6% of GDP. However, the socialist-communist SYRIZA who came to power as Greek law givers wanted to pay nothing.

Like winter is coming for the fictional world of Game of Thrones, real austerity is coming at last to the Greeks. Whether it's tough austerity through the Euro or extreme austerity through the Drachma, austerity is coming.

The ECB can keep closed their banks forever. So likely, Greeks will be forced into the Drachma. In short, Tsipras (interestingly, Tusk pronounces his name as cheap-ass) and the quitter Varoufakis have misled their Greeks into what will be third world Drachma-austerity.

Right now, Greeks lack the means to pay for oil or natural gas priced on world markets. Greeks lack the means to pay for pharmaceuticals, engineered machinery, engineered materials and of all kinds, cars and trucks, airplanes and well, mostly everything produced by mankind today. Reverting to the Drachma will fail to give Greeks the means.

Winter 2015-2016 is going to be one to be remembered for Greeks. At least they can think fondly upon their no-vote referendum as they burn the last of their furniture to keep warm. They can think of all their Internet supporters in America and elsewhere as the humanitarian aid ship docks in Athens on its way to other third world countries.

In life, for adults who can decide, they don't get what they want always, but always, they get what they deserve.

Kalí týchi!

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