Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The Greek Legislators Overspending Crisis has shown the world something that few politicians from the various countries of Europe want to acknowledge. It's time to end  the Euro zone and as importantly, end the EU. Everyone knows this but politicians and the simple-minded who depend on politicians to eat.

This is what should happen:
  1. The Germans should exit the Euro and the EU and then create the new Mark zone and the new Hanseatic League.
  2. The British should exit the EU. 
  3. The Irish should exit the Euro and the EU and then the British and Irish should create the new Pound zone and the new Commonwealth.
  4. The French and Italians should form the new Euro, call it the lira/livre and create the new Roman Europe.
  5. Belgium should break up into Walloonia and Flanders.
  6. South Tyrol should revert to Austria.
The Deutsche should create the new Mark zone. The Deutsch should invite these countries into the new Mark zone: Austria, Nederlands, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, and Belgian Flanders along with maybe Slovakia and Slovenia.

As a true free trade zone rather than a reciprocity zone, the new Hanseatic League should invite these countries to participate: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Switzerland. As well, the new Hanseatic League could invite Latvia, Lithuania, and Hungary.

The new Hanesatic League ought to work out trade deals with the new Pound Commonwealth as well as with the Russian-Belarus Trading bloc.

The French and Italians should form the new lira/livre and new United Roman Europe. Likely, the countries joining the French and Italians in new lira/livre zone and New Roman Europe could be: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta and the whole of Belgium, if Belgium fails to split into the new Wallonia and the new Flanders.

The British ought to do what is in their best interest, revive their commonwealth and in so doing, entering in reciprocity trade agreements (wrongly and deceptively called "free trade") with the Americans, Canadians, Kiwi, Australians, and Hindians.

The foregoing would truly fix Europe for Europeans and better the world.

The idea of the EU itself arose from unscientific, superstitious thinking from the late 1940s to 1970s (see: the Schuman Declaration). The EU is as antiquated as the United Nations is.

By the time the EU coalesced, globalization was underway. The EU was obsolete before the ink dried on the signed documents.

Should the Germans leave the Euro and the EU, that giant sucking sound that you will hear is the vortex the Germans will create, which will pull along a slew of countries with politicians smarter than the French and Italians.

Following the Germans likely will be the Dutch, the Austrians, the Finns and the Estonians. Likely, the Czechs, the Slovaks, the Slovenes along with the Danes, the Swedes, the Poles and the Swiss will want to be a part of anything the Germans will devise.

Should the Germans up and go, so too will the Brits. Likely, the Brits would cozy up to a German run trade bloc before the Brits will hook up with the French and Italians.

The French and the Italians will collapse into each other's arms. Expect the Spaniards, the Portuguese, the Greeks, the Maltese, and maybe the Belgians to join them.

Likely, the Irish will be too stupid and join the French and Italian bloc even though the Irish mostly sell and buy from the Brits.

Brits need to awaken and leave the EU behind anyway, regardless of how the Germans and French settle this. Brits are missing out on a FTA with the Americans, the Canadians, the Aussies and the Kiwis. The future is in the Pacific and not found on a backwater peninsula at the far west end of Asia.

Gauls, other Latin Europeans and the Greeks think differently from Germanic Europeans. The former are fooling themselves if they can ever be the latter.

The difference between the Gallo-Latins along with the Greeks to the Germanics is alike to the difference between helpless school children and axe-wielding warrior men, between the effeminate and the manly, between those who teach because they can't do and those who can do, between socialists and individualists.

All should hope Europe blows up because of the Greek legislators' overspending. crisis.

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