Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Recently, an adrenaline-driven school "cop", likely one lacking an intellect suitable to make life-or-death decisions and who couldn't control his urges, put the beat down on a waif of a high school girl (see video below). All should be reminded that adolescents are still rather immature children whose don't get much activation in their pre-frontal cortex part of their brains.

What the video shows is how Americans have lost their moral compasses.  And here is the chief cause that has given rise to this ugly scene and countless others like it:

You will respect my authority.

School officials and unionized public educators want to impose their authority by force against children. And once the cop entered the scene, he wanted his authority respected as well. Unlike school officials, hiding behind the protection of law written for cops, the mindless cop was quick to resort to violence.

The teacher could have shown maturity. Rather than give into the supposed unruly student, the teacher could have invited the other students to go for a walk. The teacher could have told the unruly student that when the student would gain the desire to be kind to her classmates she would be welcomed to rejoin the group who would be waiting with open arms.

A CNN report claimed the incident arose because the student refused to stop playing with her cell phone. Why do children have cell phones in school? Why do children have any leeway in schools? Why isn't school life highly structured, down the minute so that children have little time to think upon anything except lessons? Why aren't school designers leveraging forces like peer pressure to keep students focused on school rather than teen social life?

So what happened to Americans which has led to life being lived by you will respect my authority?

Americans can vote, but Americans don't have a representative democracy. 

In THE BIGGEST LIE ALMOST ALL AMERICANS BELIEVE: AMERICANS HAVE A REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY. BERNIE, HILLARY AND ALL OF THE CANDIDATES LOVE THE BIGGEST LIE, I revealed to you in pictures, that Americans began to lose representative democracy since 1870. Today, your House member could give you and every adult in your district about 14 seconds and have no time to fly to Washington, D.C., to schmooze with other reps.

And this hold true at the state level. Subsequently, over the years, unions that represent police have colluded with law givers of their respective states to write laws, which in effect, absolve any policeman of any violent action undertaken against any American simply by claiming this: I feared for my life.

American institutions likely have hit a low, perhaps an all-time low. Today's institutions are being run by politics and those of middling intellects.

Everything Americans have been doing have been near all-time lows. Entertainment is so bad that lip syncing is acceptable and the major source of movies are weak comic book stories from the 1960s.

Enjoy this Cartman mash-up from South Park.

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