Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Joe Biden, the guy who happens to be vice-president of the USA has done it again. During yet another blah-blah Biden speech, Biden referred to mortgage brokers as Shylocks.

In so doing, Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League offensively stepped forward to claim that a character created from the brilliant mind of William Shakespeare was little more than a "medieval stereotype about Jews" Idiotically, Foxman then rendered his ignorant literary opinion, in effect saying Shakespeare had gotten it so wrong supposedly since Shylock remains an offensive characterization to this day.

In The Merchant of Venice, the story agent Shylock is a Venetian moneylender who happens to be a Jew. Shylock stands as the baddie against Antonio.

Shylock happens lends money to Antonio, who happens to be a Catholic. As condition of the loan, Shylock requires Antonio to pledge a pound of flesh from his body. When Antonio fails to pay Shylock, Shylock famously demands his "pound of flesh."

During the story, Shylock's daughter, Jessica, falls in love with Lorenzo, a friend of Antonio. For her love, she renounces her Hebraism and becomes a Catholic.

The climax of The Merchant of Venice has Shylock stripped of his property, legally, and has him forced to become a Catholic.

Likely, Jewish racists who belong to groups promoting their race do not like the story of a defeated Shylock, precisely because they see Shylock as a Jew and not as a greedy, selfish man.

Here is Al Pacino playing Shylock.  In the scene, after Jessica has taken off with her Catholic lover, Shylock retorts to his taunters who ask if Shylock intends to get his pound of flesh from Antonio. Shakespeare used the scene to reveal Catholic hypocrisy about Jews.

To watch many Joe Biden gaff videos, check out YouTube.

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