Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Yesterday, a few media reported that Americans have the warmest feelings toward Canadians, at least according to the findings of the 2014 Chicago Council Survey of American Public Opinion and US Foreign Policy.

When I think of the top people on earth and their respective countries, Canadians and Canada top my list, along with Australians and Australia as well as New Zealanders and New Zealand. Also, I think highly of Norwegians and Icelanders, especially as they do not belong to the E.U. nor are they part of the Euro banking system.

That is not to say I don't think favorably of others. I do.

The Irish and Finns seem all right. So too do all those from little countries like Andorra, Luxembourg, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein. As well, those from the quasi-independent lands of Guernesy, Jersey, Isle of Man, Faroe Islands and Greenland seem all right.

The Germans, Swedes, Danes and Brits seem all right too. Mostly, the world of North Sea people have done well for themselves since the start of modern times.

The Japanese, the Koreans of the south and the Taiwanese seem to be all right as well. I enjoy anime and K-Pop.

I might enjoy travels to the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Chile. Vietnam, Mongolia and Serbia hold an exotic charm for me. Ah and there are many Pacific Island countries that seem worthy of visits such, at least where the locals play rugby.

Even the Portuguese seem to have done right by those with mental problems by no longer prosecuting drug users.

The Chicago Council Survey consisted of 2,108 respondents who were asked about 26 countries. Here are the results.

The writers at VOX make a strong case for Canadians and Canada.

If only someone could make a compelling case for my fellow Americans and the USA. America has become quite the venue of Bizarro Theater. There seems to be so little freedom as politics seems pervasive, ruling over every aspect of American living these days.

Canadians seem to be doing it right these days. The Heritage Index ranks Canadians 6th in economic freedom right behind the New Zealanders and three down from the Australians. Americans now rank a lame twelfth. The Fraser Institute of Canada ranks the USA a shockingly low 17th on their Economic Freedom of the World index.

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