Wednesday, October 21, 2015


If you have read my recent works, you know about the Big Lie. If not, take a look at these:
If you are a freedom-lover like I am, you will spread the message of these works to everyone whom you know. If you are in politics and part of the establishment, you better become fearful rather quickly. Your scam will be coming to an end faster than you ever could have believed.

Likely, Australians like their Canadian and American counterparts believe they live under a fair governance of representative democracy. Likely as well, Australians have been indoctrinated to believe so the same as Canadians and Americans.

Reality is far different from what Australians believe about their country. Unlike Canadians and us Americans who have the right to vote, you Australians have the duty to vote. Your lawgivers have granted themselves the right to force you to vote or face consequences of their designs. 

Your AEC will bully you for a $20 fine and up to a $170 fine if you end up in court. Of course, you will be forced to pay for all of the freeloaders working for your courts as well.

The Parliament of Australia is much alike to the Canadian parliament as it consists of a Governor-General representing the Queen of England, a Senate and a House of Representatives. Unlike the Canadians, but like the Americans the Australians elect their senators. And like the Americans, an equal number of Senators from each state, regardless of population, comprise the Australian Senate.

The Australian House of Representatives is much like the American House of Representatives and the House of Commons of the Canadians. It is with their House of Representatives that Australians believe they have popular representation the same as Americans and Canadians believe.

And like Americans and Canadians, Australians do not have popular representation at all. All Australians have is a vote and not even a voluntary one.

I will state it again for the benefit of my Australian friends. Voting is mere illusion. Voting does not equal representation.

Australians have suffered right from their beginning with a lack of popular representation unlike Americans who had popular representation until at least 1860.

Right now, here is how your MPs breakout by state or territory.

And here is the picture of how many voters each MP has by province. Likely, you will notice the data deals with Australians 20 and over even though the voting age in Australia is 18. Well, you can thank the Australian Bureau of Statistics for making it quite hard to get hold of the data needed to produce these charts.

When you discover that on a full-time, 40-hour work week with no time in Canberra, a MP could give a scant 59 seconds on average to each of his adult constituents, you will see the big lie about representative democracy for what it is.

Now, if Australians were to have a truly representative democracy, one where each Australian could at least sit with his or her representative for 15 minutes, once a year and still have their representatives go to Canberra for three months to hash out the only most important matters of Australians, here are the number of representatives Australians need by each states.

Australians in New South Wales need almost four times as many MPs as there is for the whole country right now! Keep in mind, these numbers would be worse if the Australian Bureau of Statistics had the census data for 18 and 19 year olds.

And here is what it would look like if MP only gave 10 minutes to each Australian, 20 and older while still hanging out in Canberra for three months. 

My Australian friends. You have one problem. It is the same problem my Canadian friends have and my fellow Americans have. You don't have a representative democracy. You live under a dictatorship of a well-organized minority.

If you care about reality, self-determination and freedom, you will make representative democracy through authentic popular representation your only election issue. 

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