Monday, February 1, 2016


Iowans held their caucuses this evening to apportion delegates for the nominating conventions of the Republican and Democratic parties for the 2016 United States of America presidential election.

Running as Republicans, the big winners tonight are Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. Though Ted Cruz came out on top, Ted ends up being a big loser. However, the biggest loser ends up being Jeb Bush.

Republican Party

 At a paltry 2.8%, Jeb Bush gained one delegate. Worse, Jeb lost the establishment tonight. Jeb is not a viable candidate.

Trump won big tonight, or in Trump fans parlance, "yuge." The Manhattanite New Yorker had quite a strong showing in the Christianity bible belt state.

Americans are fed up with open-borders internationalism and are fed up with trade deals internationalism that kills high-paying USA jobs. That sentiment came out in tonight's results.

And in these works I showed you how Trump understands working-class Americans and their strong desire to end internationalism:

Beginning in October, I showed you the attacks on Trump in these works:

I revealed the secret sauce to Donald Trump beginning in October and why he is winning.

Tonight's results don't bode well for the natural-born Canadian Ted Cruz.  Cruz spent much resources in Iowa. Cruz masterminded Iowa. Yet, Ted Cruz barely squeaked by Trump.

Cruz is the recognized holier-than-thou bible thumper from the slate of Republican candidates. Yet, Cruz could manage only a 3.3% lead over Trump, a guy who most believe is a marginal Christian. As it is, it's quite likely Trump hasn't stepped into a church since childhood except for weddings. Cruz even had his dad campaigning, an evangelical Christian minister.

As the recognized bible thumper of the field, Cruz needed to sweep the Iowa caucus. A 10-point first place finish would have made a statement for Cruz. Instead, his squeak-by victory shows that likely he cannot appeal to most Americans.

Cruz has bigger problems. As I have shown, Ted Cruz cannot legally swear the oath of office for the presidency of the United States of America.

Keep in mind that in 1980, Reagan came in second in Iowa only 2.1% behind George Herbert Walker Bush. Reagan was the outsider candidate running for the Republican nomination in 1980. The party establishment loathed Reagan and wanted their man George Herbert Walker Bush.

In 2008, Mike Huckabee, a former baptist minister and former governor thumped the eventual Republican nominee Mitt Romney by 9.2 percentage points.

The other Republican candidates need to drop out — Bush, Kasich, Fiorina, Huckabee, Christie, Santorum, Gilmore. None managed three percent of the vote. None finished better than sixth place. Most of all, none picked up delegates.

While the Iowa Republican Caucus might not pick the winner of the GOP nomination — Iowans didn't in 1980, 1988, and 2008 — consistently they have identified the losers. No one who has come in less than fourth in Iowa has won the GOP nomination going back to 1976.

For the Democratic Party, the big shock is Bernie Sanders coming in a tie for delegates with the presumed nominee, Hillary Clinton. Keep in mind that Sanders is a Brooklynite New Yorker who was raised a Jew and who now lives in what most perceive as socialist Vermont.

Hillary Clinton is at least a professed Christian. However, as I showed you in STAND BY YOUR HILLARY? HILLARY, LIES, EMAIL SHENANIGANS, WORK SHENANIGANS. WHY VOTE FOR HILLARY?, Hillary has big problems.

Democratic Party

Although almost all pundits are slack-jawed over Trump and Sanders, I am not. In ARE BERNIE SANDERS AND DONALD TRUMP A SURPRISE OR ARE PUNDITS STUPID? THE SHAKE-UP OF USA POLITICS CONTINUES. ARE NEW PARTIES EMERGING?, I showed you what is happening in the USA.

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